Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new Year 2010..Dubai


For me :-
2009 was a year-->
  • I had tough times @ work.
  • I learn't simple things, the hard way.
  • I was in a bitter-sweet relationship.
  • I was naive at times,but improved each time.
  • Random things i remember :- visiting my birthplace somewhere in Africa,using a rubber saves us all,bad debts,love & lust,conferences & exhibitions.
2010 will be a year-->
  • I would want to get married and settled down.
  • Full of challenges & dreams.
  • Would wish to Be a more PR person..
Once again....WISH every1 out there a Joyous & Prosperous New year 2010.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

getting high in dubai

eid holidays are here.....
What do I do....
Obviously get high...and not worry about work tomorrow...and the day after...!!
I hope dubai really enjoys the true festive spirit..

Monday, September 7, 2009

listen to the radio-88.8 fm

88.8 fm -Just discovered this non stop music loving it so far !

Friday, September 4, 2009 viewpoint

I am gonna write this post,from a guys prospective..or rather my prospective..

i am not an expert on this,i have had only 2..but the pattern was the they evolved,how they ended..the sequence..the pressures..the good things..the bad things..everything was the same..

Phase 1 :- guy meets girl..feels gud..meets thing leads to another..guy feels loved..girl feels even better..

Phase 2 :- things move on..guy and girl start missing each other over silly things...each thinking..this must be love..

Phase 3 :- Girl gets a bit possesive..she needs guy by her side,day-in & day out..the sms'es and fone calls start's a bitter-sweet thing..maybe i'm wrong on this one..but yeah it gets a bit too much..atleast for me..maybe i don't deserve love..
what are u doing.?..i am shaving..What did u have for dinner?..chicken..Where?..When are u coming?..Did u notice..u have been a bit irresponsible lately?..Oh yeah..So u are having beer with the guys again?..err..yeah i did that 15 days back..Let's go shopping,i want to buy stuff for my sis?..yeah sure,netime..So ur friends are more important?....sorry,i thought we discussed about "S p a c e"..U didn't call me last nite?..sorry..

Phase 4:- Break up..

Phase 5 :- late nite sms--guy to girl..hey wuzz up?.hope things are ok at ur end..

Maybe this is love....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hop Fest 2009@The Irish village,Dubai

Spirits Soaring!
I try never to miss out on beer festivals ;-),specially when in places like The Irish village in Garhoud..

I couldn't go Thursday night..So i head there on Friday,and i was greeted by the longest & most anxious Que i have ever seen[it was extending to the main entrance..!,and then there was the security dragging out some wasted people,some people even had fights,truly beer fest ambiance ;-)..]..So After loitering around a bit & sweating like a pig..i decided to go back home & return back the next day..

So Saturday night it was, At The HOP FEST..and it was a good time..Good live music,Beer from all over the world,Shiny Happy People..

We truly need something like this more often..

Friday, August 7, 2009

3 days in Doha

I was on a short work-related trip to Doha for 3 days..the old city is pretty laid back low-rise area with narrow streets[ a bit like Manama].The new developments are going on particularly in the West Bay area,which boasts some really well designed Sky scrapers[better than SZR].

Finding a taxi is an ass..
so i would recommend taking a car on rent,with a GPS to guide u thru[atleast that's what i did]

Obviously it meant that i checked out some places too..

The Villagio is the latest shopping mall in Doha which every1 is talking about it..It has a man-made canal inside,which also has a couple of gondolas thrown in.Also an ice-rink..Over-all a good mall with a unique design,the ceiling has a Real World Sky pattern which has been pretty well emulated..

Getting into a club in a huge hassle..they have the strangest Rules ever,which have been newly implemented..
* Only Qatar Residence Visa holders are allowed to enter [what the hell are tourists are supposed to do...no1 was sure..including the hotel staff!]
* Even People having a valid Residence Visa need to have a Special Photo-id for that particular Club..which has a procedure,and a form has to filled up..
* Tourists are allowed to enter ONLY if they are accompanied with a Residence permit holder..All tourists nevertheless have to have their Passport scanned before entry!

Obviously i had to make friends outside to get entry..and i checked out THE QUBE@ Ramada..Nothing great about the club[maybe it was a weekday,and maybe it was the wrong place!] except that it had a huge dance floor.

Song Playing--> Smoke & ashes by Tracy Chapman

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dusty dubai

It is so dusty in dubai..I hope the sandstorm fades off early..
Picture - burj al arab on a dusty sunday afternoon

Friday, July 10, 2009

Things to Do in Deira,Dubai..

The 2 Famous Shawarma Joints,baniyas square-deira

These 2 places are situated in the heart of deira,near baniyas square[also Nasser square]...The most amazing shawarma i have had over the years,and continue to have..[it was priced@aed 2.50/pc when i came to dxb,now it is aed 4.00/pc.]

Beware,u mAy have to wait for up to 30 mins in Que,on Thursday and Friday evenings..But it's definitely worth the wait..the 2 join
ts fiercely compete with each other..but i still can't say which is better...!!,so try both!..

Does this clock ring a bell?

Song playing -> Spaceman - 4 non blondes

Monday, June 29, 2009

the long wait..

Here..... I sit waiting..for my car to get serviced...

The wait is's boring...the only positive point about the whole deal->the girl next to me is pretty!![deep blue eyes,tall,the focussed look...she's got it all]

pic-the famous creekside camel

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Mammoth & other stories..!

Life is movin' variable pace..a hop here,a stumble there..but it still goes on...I need changes...i need my space...I want to continue day dreaming....well rite now all i need is some sleep !

On a lighter side..i was just listening to random music,and these two songs played one after the other..Love is a losing game[Amy winehouse] followed by Sex is on fire[Kings of leon]..hmm..makes sense ;-)!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

what the KT weekend magazine has missed out on...sk8r boys!

Did any1 check out the khaleej times weekend magazine..with the cover story on deira...?
I pass by each one of the places mentioned ...almost each day...
"This is what they missed out on....the deira sk8r boys!...they do their stuff just behind the twin towers...u can find them almost any day...

Friday, May 29, 2009

When did you last let your heart decide?

St. Jordi's day-Barcelona memories..

Do we not think twice before getting into a new job/committing to some1/buying a new car/choosing friends,clothes..

Does our mind take over our heart..Don't we always weigh the options..

The question is -->"When did you last, let your heart decide?"..

Song playing-->
'Mark Knopfler - Brothers in Arms'[i absolutely love the subtle guitar tones on this track]

Sunday, May 24, 2009

PiCtuRes & WoRdS..

More pics-->Barcelona

A picture says more than a thousand words...
Well my pictures,don't say it in '000's ,maybe just in '00's or '0's!!..

Whatever...just spent some time editing,and posting them..It's a relaxing mini-release[not in orgasmic terms though..:P],after a not-so-great day at work..

Song playing--> Oldie.."Bring it on home to me"--Sam Cooke

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy or not?

Random Barcelona Pics

After a hard day at i sit[rather lazily rest my ass on the bed!].alone in my room...with some light music playing in the background...what better to some more pics from Barcelona,write down a couple of things on my mind..

Hmm...what's on my mind..well tonight,just memories of the

All in all i think i have had a happy & simple life so far,with a pinch of salt,and a spoonful of sugar..Or maybe happiness is just a state of mind(as wise men say)...Hmm..wait i think i have written a couple of posts about despair,gloom & loneliness too!!

PS:- has any1 seen the dancing[or was it singing?] fountains@Dxb mall?

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Big Weekend@Irish Village.

Random Picture-Subway in Barcelona

I went to the Irish village yesterday and had a blast!!..I still pity my friend who was the :appointed: driver for the day,and so wasn't drinking!

Nice ambiance..
all drinks@aed19 all night long..good music..I think it is still on till Saturday..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

has any1 tried?

Sambuca with coffee grains...has any1 tried saw the recipe on the bottle...and believe me it ain't that bad...

Other general things-
*work is getting a little better...maybe it's just a temporary thing...but it's better than december....
*rents have come down in dubai...and I am sure every1 agrees!
cheers and tc..